Has Custom Crafts relocated? 

No. Closed Permanently. 

What’s an ideal party size?

All size groups are welcome, big or small! However, we can comfortably accommodate up to 30 people.


What time of day is the best time for a party? 

We've hosted parties starting at 8:00am. We've also hosted parties beginning at 8:00pm!  We are very flexible and work with each group and their busy schedules to make sure that everybody can come craft together!

Can any group come craft? 

Any group of fun people you can gather for a few hours! Some ideas might be moms’ night out, bachelorette parties, Police Officer/Fireman/First Responders, Teachers, fundraisers, team-building groups, kids birthday, baby shower, etc. 


Are children allowed to make crafts? 

Children 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult.  There will also be fun days set aside for children to come make a homemade craft for their Special Person (Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Grandparents’ Day/Teachers’ Day, etc). First Friday events are also kid friendly. Look for our special $5 craft for that month!


Will the shop be open to the public if our group reserved a time slot?

Reserved time slots will not be open to the public. 


Are there private time slots available during an Open Crafting Class?

When we offer Open Crafting Classes, there will be an allotted amount of seats to reserve. If you prefer to craft with your own group, you can sign up for a private session, Check our website for a open time slot to reserve.    


Can I create a craft or project without an appointment?

Absolutely! Please stop in when the shop is open and choose from our plethora of ready-to-create crafts, décor and projects! 


How much does it cost?

Prices vary. Each craft, décor and project has its’ own set price. Price includes: Studio Fee, Paint, Embellishments, Hanging Devices, Tax


How long does each craft last?

Remember, you are creating your own craft or project from scratch! Each one varies in the time it will take to complete. The average time for larger crafts is between 1.5-3 hrs.


Is everyone in my group required to make the same craft or project? 

No. When you sign up for a class, please specify the person who wants to create each craft or project. This will ensure the staff will have all required supplies and tools ready when you arrive. 

Can I make a craft I found that is not in the portfolio?

Contact a member of Custom Crafts with a picture of your inspiration for the project you want to try and we will do our best to work with you to make that happen. Please allow time for our staff to build, prepare and gather necessary supplies and equipment (at least 1 week prior to party date).


What if I haven’t chosen my craft or project before I arrive?

No problem! This means you are more than likely a walk-in and have not reserved a time slot.  We have different crafts and projects on hand to select. Prices vary.

What if I'm not "crafty"?

No problem! Our techniques work for ALL skill levels!

Do you sell crafts that are already made?

Yes! We will sell our examples off the walls. If you see a craft, but you don't have time to  customize it yourself or want it in a different color, we can also make a personalized craft for you. 

Do you host Bridal or Baby Showers?

Yes! You can work together making gifts for the guest of honor! 

Do you host kids birthday parties?

Yes! Book your child's next Birthday party at Custom Crafts. Bring a cake, drinks, decor and gifts.  We have age appropriate crafts and will help the children along the way.    

How long will clean up time take?

WE clean everything up when you leave with your Custom Craft! 

Can I bring my office workers in for a group craft?

Yes! We host a lot of office retreats/team building groups. You can make individual, customized crafts or each make a craft to take back to the office and display as one piece of artwork -  Contact us for customized ideas. 

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